End of an Era: Former Sarasota Kennel Club Property Scheduled for Demolition


End of an Era: Former Sarasota Kennel Club Property Scheduled for Demolition. 

SARASOTA, FL / FEBRUARY 6, 2024 / After 95 years as a significant part of Sarasota’s history, the Sarasota Kennel Club is set to be demolished. The decision comes following Baird Inc.’s recent purchase of the 26-acre property back in May and intent to redevelop the site.

The Sarasota Kennel Club played a central role in Sarasota’s history since its establishment in 1929, hosting generations of racing enthusiasts, families, and patrons. Purchased by Jerry Collins in 1944, the Collins family operated the racetrack until greyhound racing was outlawed in the State of Florida back in 2018. Since the Track’s closure, the property has remained vacant and the overall buildings have fallen into a state of disrepair prompting the decision to demolish the renowned structures.

Current ownership, Baird Inc., is now actively collaborating with engineering and land use experts to assess the site’s potential for redevelopment. With the imminent demolition, the ownership is committed to exploring the highest and best use options for the property, considering the evolving needs and dynamics of the community. Baird has made the decision to demolish the aging infrastructure to make way for a modern, purposeful redevelopment.

Eric Baird is the founder of the Baird Inc. Family Office which engages a diversified investment strategy specifically in secured and asset-based lending, private equity, and real estate. As part of the firm’s growing portfolio, it invests in under-utilized residential and commercial properties.

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