Baird Inc. also partners with small and mid-size businesses providing them with access to growth capital in exchange for equity in a founder’s business. For upstarts and smaller companies, a lack of collateralizable assets creates challenges in acquiring access to growth capital via secured debt through traditional financing, but an equity partnership aligns the interest of Baird Inc. and the companies we work with to create strategic partnerships.



Baird Inc. has a growing real estate portfolio located throughout the Southwest Florida area. We specialize in acquisition and operations across the gamut of commercial real estate, including – multifamily, office, retail, and marinas.                                                        


Baird Inc. specializes in secured or asset-based lending whereby an individual or business owner can access the capital needed to serve as a catalyst for growth. We pride ourselves on the ability to execute quickly while understanding the needs of a borrower to creatively structure mutually beneficial lending terms.


Committed to providing alternative capital opportunities for growing businesses

Founded in 2013, Baird Inc. is a family office focused on managing a diversified investment strategy specifically in secured and asset-based lending, private equity,and commercial real estate. Baird Inc. prides itself in its ability to execute quickly while developing an understanding of customers’ needs and desires to help creatively structure access to the capital required to alter their growth trajectory.

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