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Baird Inc. specializes in financing solutions
to service the needs of small cap
and mid-market businesses

Utilizing senior-secured or asset-based lending, we provide opportunities to burgeoning companies with consistent growth patterns primed for creative funding.

Baird Inc. spotlights proven companies with tested business methods, lucid plans and ready assets.  Undiscriminating in regard to industry, the company hones in on the potential borrower’s resources to deduce viability and generally refrains from startups or businesses without a defined course of expediency. Baird Inc. prefers to retain a small equity consideration to further align interests and inspire an environment of pooled resources for progression. With that upside secured, the company hones in on growth-oriented businesses where a feasible expectation of advancement and an attainable exit exist.

Baird Inc. typically structures its investment as a two to three year senior-secured loan, attended with monthly interest payments and equity warrants or other upside opportunities, with a clear exit strategy, typically through a traditional lender,  re-finance, or company profits. It’s a strategy advantageous to borrowers that enables retention of majority equity, thus empowering them to amply reap the potential Baird Inc’s funding endows.

Banks are increasingly conservative and restrictive in lending money to sub-25 million revenue business, even those with a reputable balance sheet, concrete growth, and proven past. Baird Inc. exists as a niche player for businesses seeking an opportunity to alter their trajectory, yet nowhere to turn.

In the case of defaults, Baird Inc. will adamantly enforce its rights to monetize collateral, should it prove necessary.  Baird Inc. may limit exposure in industries that, by nature, lack tangible assets, possess assets difficult to assess or are hard to attain in a worst case scenario: real estate, oil and gas and biotech. Diversification of industries in regard to investment enables Baird Inc. to construct a multifaceted portfolio while minimizing risk, a corollary of their investing blueprint.

Eric Baird: Founder and CEO

In the late 90s, Baird founded Sarasota-based MyUS.com, then Access USA, as a mail forwarding operation before transitioning into shipping American products to customers overseas. The company started as a seed of an idea planted over dinner with his entrepreneurial mother, and after taking a $30,000 loan and free advertising space in her catalog, Shop the World by Mail, he established the enterprise in a 700 square-foot office off U.S. 41. Over the next 15 years, Baird would grow MyUS.com into a global operation with more than 400,000 customers worldwide, earning him the Review’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award. Baird sold the company in July of 2012, on his 43rd birthday. MyUS.com was valued at over $200 million upon his departure.

In the interim, Baird has channeled his passion for business and entrepreneurial background through Baird Inc., his investment company that specializes in senior-secured and asset-based lending to alter the trajectory of growing small businesses.

Grant Herren: Portfolio Manager

A graduate of Presbyterian College where he played basketball, Herren has a business administration and accounting background. Post-collegiate career, he played for two years with the Washington Generals, the nightly rivals of the Harlem Globetrotters, before accepting the position of portfolio manager from Baird Inc. Herren handles all the general oversight of agreements, facilitation, tracking and monitoring.

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